Real Estate Investing - Self directed IRA- Tampa, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle

At Emerald Property Group, I work to help people realize their unique investment and retirement dreams through real estate.

I understand that each client has different goals and I tailor my services to meet the individual needs of my clients. Some of the people I’ve worked with recently include:

  • First time investors seeking a great bargain on a property to renovate and retail.
  • Homeowners who need to get out of a troubled property.
  • Investors seeking to invest in areas outside of their home who want to partner with an experienced local real estate expert.
  • Private lenders who are utilizing their self directed IRA to be the bank at rates of 8%
  • Individual consulting and deal strategizing.

I have strategic partnerships and expertise in the following areas:

  •    New Orleans, Louisiana
  •    Tampa, Florida
  •    Portland, Oregon
  •    Seattle, Washington
  •    San Francisco, California
  •    Columbus, Ohio

If you’re serious about investing in real estate and looking for honest guidance, let me know how I can help you acheive your real estate goals.